Clinical university research conducted in 2012 has provided strong proof that hypnotherapy can result in significantly reduced hot flash symptoms.

Hot flashes take a toll on women, especially in Hong Kong where I live as the temperatures and humidity are sometimes oppressive. Add hot flashes to that mix and you have reason to be miserable. Women who suffer from annoying, embarrassing and sometimes debilitating hot flashes know just how much they can interfere with our life. They can interfere with our work, our activities, our sleep, our social life, our energy levels and our overall quality of life. Some women tolerate them easily and have them rarely while for others, it's a daily occurrence  sometimes happening multiple times a day. 80% of all women are thought to suffer from hot flashes at some point in their lives.

Generally, hormone therapy is the recommended course of treatment but an increasing number of women are simply reluctant about taking drugs that may have a long term impact on their health.

Researchers from Baylor University, Indiana University and the University of Texas at Austin undertook a study in 2012 to evaluate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in reducing these mid-life symptoms.  Check out this interesting study by clicking here.

187 woman who had at least 7 hot flashes per day were split into 2 groups. One group received 5 weekly hypnotherapy sessions and were provided with an audio recording for daily practice. The other group were given a program of structured attention plus an audio recording of hot flash information, also to be listened to daily.

At the 12 week follow-up, the average reduction in measurable objectively monitored hot flashes was 57% for the hypnotherapy group compared to 10% for the follow up group.

That's what I call a BIG difference!

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