Check out Hazel Gale’s fascinating post on the Escudero pain control technique that anyone can learn to do. This technique has been used repeatedly and successfully for major surgery.  It is so simple and easy to use that it’s a puzzle as to why it is so unknown.

Anyone can do it

  • Hold saliva in your mouth
  • Say to yourself, 'My chest (or wherever the pain is) is psychologically anaesthetized'. This thought will direct your mind to where the focus is, and
  • Switch to your peripheral vision, by de-focusing your eyes.
You can do this by yourself. 

Practice it. 

Believe it. 

Expect results.

Pain Control On Steroids

I repeat. Anyone can do it and get results. But, combine this technique with hypnotherapy and you have pain control on steroids.


Hypnotherapy overrides your skeptical, reasoning mind, the part of your mind that says, ‘No way, that’s just a gimmick’. Under hypnosis, your unconscious mind will adopt this belief wholeheartedly. And if you believe it enough, you can make it work for you.

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