First, I point my sword at the dragon, jump forward with power...

There’s huge amount of research being done in neuroplasticity, one of the most exciting branches of brain research. The findings are so practical in fact, that they confirm the validity of what hypnotherapists have known for years.

Here’s one such finding that is based on visualization.

Visualizing ourselves practicing a new skill has been proven scientifically to be just as effective as actually practicing this skill physically. In fact, our  brain fires off the same neurons and expands in the same way, either way.

This finding has enormous repercussions not only in my field of hypnotherapy but for everyone trying to learn a new skill.

For example, if you’re trying to learn how to do public speaking, or improve your golf swing or learn a musical instrument, start spending some of your practice time visualizing yourself performing that skill.

Your brain won’t know the difference.

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