Hypnotherapy has a successful and well researched track record of reversing insomnia. However not every sleep problem requires professional help. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of sending a clear message to your brain so it follows through with its sleep reflex.

We all have routines in our life although we might not be conscious of how we unconsciously imbed them in our mind. In the case of sleep, our routine is often disrupted by a hectic lifestyle , often leading up  to a disruption of sleep onset. Getting ourselves back to a regular bedtime routine can easily be achieved by becoming conscious of how a regular routine can send subliminal sleep messages to our brain.

Here’s how to set it up.

Think of a short series of cues to prepare yourself for sleep. Subliminal is defined as sending messages below the threshold of conscious perception. You don’t need to be in a hypnotic trance to receive powerful sleep messages. You just need to establish a routine of actions that supports the message you want to send. Once you get used to a nightly routine, you don’t even have to think about it anymore. Each time you repeat it, it simply translates into a series of subliminal cues to your subconscious mind that it’s time for sleep to take over.

My routine. Like everyone else, I can’t follow my night time routine every single night because life just gets in the way. But I always come back to it. If anything, it’s the repetition of the cues in sync with my body clock that sets my sleep in motion.

I aim to fall asleep at around 10:30pm so I start the following at 9pm.

9:00pm – An hour and a half before

-         Cue #1. I turn down the sheet/blanket of my bed and switch on my bedside lamp. In the soft light, it looks peaceful and inviting. As I go in and out of my bedroom preparing for bedtime, I can glimpse this peaceful inviting setting out of the corner of my eye and it keeps reminding me that it’s soon time for relaxing quiet sleep.
-         Cue #2. I wash up and change my clothes. Each cue now builds on the last reaffirming in an unspoken way the message that I’m soon going to bed. It’s also a reminder that from now until 10:00, it’s time to wind down. Sometimes it’s difficult to do as I have things on my mind but I’ve started the process.

9:30pm – Half an hour to chill before bedtime

-         Cue #3. This is simply a time check reminding me that I have 30 minutes before getting into bed. Enough time to watch a little TV, putter around and just allow myself to ‘waste’ time.

10:00pm – Getting into bed.

-         Cue #4. I love this part. I settle in comfortably and I read a book on my tablet for a few minutes. Like clockwork, my body soon answers back with its own subliminal message: the first yawn.
-         Cue #5. I take this yawn as my final cue and I respond by switching off the light and closing my ‘book’. My mind gets the message and sleep takes over.

As I said, this is my personal routine. You can choose your own series of cues that are realistic for you to repeat night after night, as often as you can. Set the cues to a time schedule. Stick to the plan as often as you can. Your mind will get the message after a few weeks and you’ll find sleep happening much faster.

If you find that you consistently cannot fall asleep, or if you wake up and cannot get back to sleep, then perhaps it’s time to let me help you with hypnotherapy. If you would like to discuss it, email me at

If any of you have any suggestions for sleep-inducing cues, please comment below and allow others to think about giving them a try.

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