Brain research has turned traditional scientific thought on its head.  Not so long ago, we wondered whether our behavior and our way of dealing with life was influenced and fixed by nature or nurture. And it was thought that after a certain age, no significant further change in our mental and emotional development could take place.

It turns out that our brains are much more flexible than we thought.  Those neural connections made in our brain because we were humiliated in childhood can be exchanged for new connections – positive, empowering connections that redirect and recharge one’s life for the better.

Can feeling ‘fat and unattractive’ be rewired into feeling ‘Fit, healthy and empowered’? Most of us have had negative thoughts about ourselves about one thing or another for a long time.  God knows that if we view ourselves from the inside as fat and unattractive, it’s near impossible to stick to a plan of empowering thoughts, regular exercise, good nutrition and healthy habits to change the shape of our bodies. Because believing positively about one self is the mother of all behavior. Transforming our negative self-beliefs into powerful ones not only triggers a series of organic connections in our brain and body, it can have an invigorating impact on our behavior, our relationships and careers, long term and permanently.

Just cells connecting to each other. To simplify a complex brain process, our every belief, thought and experience creates a connection between cells in our brain.  The more we think that belief and act on that belief, the more that connection is reinforced and ingrained into our brain.
Proof is in working with severely ill and injured. Scientists are taking research a step further and finding that our brain can draw new connections after illness and injury. If this can happen under such severe trauma, making it possible for our brains to map out new connections, why can’t it be done just as efficiently when such trauma is not present?  This is precisely where hypnotherapy has flourished.

Hypnotherapy is making a resurgence. Hypnotherapy techniques have been approved for decades by the American and British medical associations despite the fact that brain research findings were not available at the time. Medical societies approved hypnotherapy decades ago simply because it worked when others modalities didn’t. Now with knowledge of the brain’s flexibility, hypnosis as a facilitator for that change is making a comeback. How about that for positive belief change!

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