Sometimes our brains just don’t act in our self-interest.

As we've all experienced, our beliefs, thoughts and associations create problems such as anxiety, insomnia, physical pain or other ailments. If our thoughts created these unhelpful results, then surely we can use other more powerful thoughts to undo these results, right?

How does hypnotherapy do it?

Hypnotherapists focus on changing our thoughts and beliefs by using the brain’s natural computer-like abilities to change the brain’s screw-ups. How do we do that? Sometimes by distracting the brain to a more emotionally satisfying thought, sometimes by separating or replacing the association of an unproductive thought with an empowering one, or sometimes by assigning a reward to certain thoughts. Since every behavior pattern is preceded by thoughts, then it makes sense that changing or re-directing those associations can lead to changes in behavior, or relief from anxiety and suffering and direct us to greater self-actualization.

Getting our brain in the right state of mind
Getting our brain to change old self-defeating beliefs about ourselves is the path to a harmonious life. This is also the goal when a client visits a hypnotherapist.  In the process, the hypnotherapist prepares our mind to accept change by helping us reach a  deeply relaxing state of mind making it open to suggestions for change. Then, changing our self-beliefs has a ripple effect on our behavior. 

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