A client came to me not long ago with a trio of issues: she was sleep-deprived, depressed and overweight.  She had been trying to lose some weight but found that she often ate simply to give herself quick energy throughout her day. She was feeling depressed because she woke up every morning feeling exhausted and feeling increasingly anxious about being able to work effectively.

In the process, she just lost faith in her natural ability to fall asleep. When she did eventually fall asleep after a string of sleepless nights and woke up rested, she would start the day running, trying to accomplish everything she had been too tired to accomplish all week long. She worked late, ate late and went to sleep late. And the cycle began again.

Insomnia affects us in all kinds of ways but the most insidious is how its onset leads us to believe that we have lost our natural ability to fall sleep. As we lie in bed trying to fall asleep, we worry that we're unable to fall asleep. Our reaction is to try even harder and the more we try, it seems like the less we can sleep. It is a distressing process, one that prevents us from relaxing and letting sleep happen. The problem is further aggravated when this belief creates its own habit - sleeplessness.

Sufferers compound the power of this belief by telling their loved ones and anyone who sympathizes, that they ‘cannot fall asleep anymore’.  If you say that enough times, your mind begins to believe it.

Anxieties have a stubborn way of sticking around until you pay attention to them. It's a little like going to bed with an empty stomach. The issues that trigger your anxieties need to find relief. Hypnosis can give us unfettered clarity into the issues that create these anxieties and can retrain the mind to put us to sleep effortlessly. 

My client began falling asleep again. Last I heard, feeling rested has stabilized her mood. She doesn’t crave carbs and sweets for energy anymore because she’s getting the energy she needs from sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, email me through my website www.hypnosisinhongkong.com or call my office in Hong Kong at  2523 3780.  Hypnosis will get you sleeping again in just a few sessions.

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