It turns out that a lot of people are.  Mostly they’re afraid of someone taking over their mind. Or reading their innermost thoughts. I feel the same way. I don’t want anybody else messing with my mind or pulling my strings!

Hypnosis is nothing like this. It might surprise you to know that you have experienced a hypnotic trance many times in your life. You just don’t realize it.

It’s not what Hollywood makes it out to be.

Take this example. Have you ever had a teacher who was so interesting that you could just soak up a complex subject that you thought you sucked at?


That teacher was a hypnotist.

That teacher didn’t think of it as hypnosis. It was simply an attempt to create the right environment so that the lesson could be easily absorbed. If you think back, there was an atmosphere of positivity, of calm and focus in the classroom.  You absorbed that lesson like a sponge.

Just like in a trance. A trance is a relaxed, open, focused, clear state of mind.

That teacher was never in control of your mind. But you on the other hand, were never more in control. Your mind was doing what you had always wanted it to do.

Just like in a trance. In a trance, you are very much in control.

And after those classes, you could probably remember most of what the teacher said.

Just like in a trance. You remember everything that’s said.

And it really helped you to succeed in that subject.

Just like a trance. In a trance, the solutions seem so much easier, and they are.

And at any time during those classes, you could interrupt your thoughts with plans to go to a party on the weekend. Or to hang out with a friend.

Just like a trance. In a trance, you can pop out of it whenever you want.

That is what a trance is – a relaxed focused state of mind. You have so much control and perspective that solutions are not only obvious but easy to act on.

It’s easy to understand why hypnotherapy works.

Ellen McNally, Hypnotherapist

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