What happens when food cravings get the better of you?

When food cravings get the better of you, the toughest part is understanding what you’re struggling with. The most important question is this: Is this craving your body’s genuine need for nutrition and sustenance, or is it something else that is masquerading as hunger?

If you have been trying to lose weight, chances are that giving in to cravings leads you first to a feeling of fullness or satiation, followed, regrettably, by self-recrimination as you despair at your failure to win the cravings battle .

Hypnosis shines a light on the exact nature of the craving

The tool that hypnosis uses is emotional clarity – an ability to see things for what they are. In fact, one of the most basic definitions of the state of hypnosis is: “a focused state of perception”.  It’s a state of calm relaxation where your mind can think and “focus” without tension or anxiety.

When you’re in a hypnotic trance, your mind can more easily decipher the mixed up signals that you struggle with when food cravings kidnap your imagination. In a hypnotic trance, it’s much easier to understand how your mind is confusing true physical hunger with the misguided emotional tension, i.e. the ‘craving’,  that seeks release through food and/or drink. 

It’s no surprise that your mind has unconsciously used food as a ‘happy’ solution. We always celebrate our most memorable life events with food and alcoholic drinks.  It makes sense  for us to unconsciously try achieving harmony by eating, and particularly by eating or drinking what we most easily associate with celebration and happy times: sweets, alcohol and carbohydrates.   

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management in 3 Steps

Hypnotherapy for weight management approaches this struggle in three steps. The first step to get back on track is to uncover the emotion masquerading as physical hunger. The second step is to solve that issue in a decisive way so that you can recognize it for what it is. Recognizing the enemy is half the battle. The third step is to give you the tools at a deep unconscious level to strengthen your confidence and stop the craving in its tracks.  

In a calm hypnotic trance, your unconscious mind knows exactly how to do this.

Hypnotherapy works!

Ellen McNally, Hypnotherapist