Hypnosis is the most successful way to stop smoking. In past clinical studies, it worked on average in 66% of cases. Behavior modification which involves changing the little rituals around your smoking, i.e.your brand, the fingers you use to smoke, how you light your cigarette, etc, has been successful in about 25% of cases. Smoking without the nicotine like e-cigarettes also have 25% success rate. Willpower works in 5% of cases, reminding us of just how difficult it is to do this cold turkey. My approach combines hypnosis with behavior modification and dedicates a whole session to neutralizing the cravings. More on this later.

Hypnosis uses the calm relaxing and enjoyable state of hypnotic trance to help the smoker switch their habitual way of responding to the smoking trigger. The quiet detached mind can more easily transfer their focus from a cigarette which has little pleasure, to instead shine the spotlight of one’s mind on one’s hopes and expectations of health, success and happiness.   

There are two conditions for success in hypnosis therapy: a strong motivation to quit and a good working rapport with the therapist.  Add the therapist’s fee and the client becomes even more motivated to achieve the desired results. That cocktail of strength, belief and hope is the environment that allows the smoker to create that successful change.

My program consists of three sessions: The first session is a week before the actual quitting day so that the smoker can begin modifying all those little smoking rituals and in the process, begin to scramble the automatic signals that feed the addiction. The second session occurs on quitting day,  after the very last cigarette, bringing that addiction to an end with a powerful confidence and new belief. The third session occurs about 4 days later. Its purpose if to reinforce that shift in belief and to take the wind out of the cravings. This is done through the use of EFT, a  shifting technique that disconnects the power of the craving from the thoughts that trigger it. In short, the three sessions use hypnosis along with behavior modification and EFT to successfully imbed the new belief into the deep inner mind.

Why is hypnosis so successful when other methods fail? Hypnosis allows the client to take the non-smoking message into that part of the mind where the habitual addiction is so solidly lodged – into the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is that programmed part of ourselves that never has to think twice about how to walk, how to ride a bike or if you’re a smoker, how to respond to the trigger causing you to light up a cigarette. It’s always on automatic. Hypnosis for smoking cessation allows you to switch that signaling and to point your mind to a healthier and more positive way of responding to the trigger, and to program that switch so that it’s always on automatic.  

Why not give it a go? It works!


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