How would it feel to have that confidence that all your hard work would pay off?

Hypnosis is a powerful natural method for achieving confidence in test taking. It can help you be more relaxed and focus more easily while you study. The process can help you take the test with positivity and self-belief and access your memory more easily.

These tests are possibly the biggest stepping stone to your future: Language proficiency tests, SATs, TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson and others can be a huge source of anxiety. If your stress is interfering with your focus and confidence, hypnosis may be a great solution for you.

However, hypnosis is not a magic potion. It only works if you are willing to put in the time to study or practice your subject matter. And it only works if you are highly motivated to achieve your test goals. It’s not a way of replacing your hard work. But accessing that state of confidence in yourself after hypnosis is an effortless process.

It's a way to make your hard work pay off!

Anxiety and pressure can stifle your self-confidence. One-on-one hypnosis can be a powerful help in tapping into that natural confidence. If you feel confident, you can focus on your test instead of allowing stress to drain away your energy.  When confident and calm, you can shut down that stress. And you can access that memory, that fact or that fluency that you are capable of, even under pressure in the most intimidating setting.

Working with a hypnotist can build your confidence in a foreign language. As a first step, it can reduce the anxiety while you study for it and can help you have razor sharp focus in the process. During the test, you can tackle the written or spoken test with natural confidence, knowing that you’ve put in the work and you’re as ready as you’re going to be for it. It can also strengthen your belief in yourself as a competent speaker in that language. This new strong belief in yourself can have a multiplier effect every time you study.

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Ellen McNally
Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist