As recent brain science uncovers how our mind works, hypnotherapists use these same findings to help their clients achieve their goals, be they emotional, intellectual or physical. Achieving academic excellence is one such application of these new findings.

 When facing the prospect of a life-defining exam, it's normal to experience a high level of anxiety, a fear of failing and a lack of confidence in the study process. 

What Hypnosis does is to simply reinforce the client's own mental strength.

Clients who use hypnosis today have long overcome the old cliches associated with the field. Of course, hypnosis doesn't replace hard work - it simply builds your confidence, helps you focus, increases your concentration and allows you to access what you KNOW that you know - all you have to do is work hard and study!

This has been backed up by research - a review of this research on the use of hypnosis was published in The Journal of Counselling Psychology (Vol 29 (1), Jan 1982, 76-94. *'Improving academic performance in adults: A review of recent research'. Now neuroscience has come up with the physiological proof to back up what hypnotists have known all along!

My clients don't want 'good' results - they want 'great' results! 

In my experience as a hypnotherapist,  those who seek out hypnosis are the most highly motivated students. The same is true for those who have the most to lose: people for whom jobs, livelihoods or promotions depend on an exam score.

The bottom line is that hypnosis is a powerful tool for achieving academic landmarks, especially when anxiety and lack of confidence threaten the outcome one deserves.

Ellen McNally,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Hypnosis for academic protocol: 3-4 sessions
Email her at Ellen at Hypnosis in Hong Kong dot com or call her office at (852) 2523 7286.