The hypnotic trance is what differentiates hypnotherapy from all other types of therapy. 

In a hypnotic trance, when the critical, judgmental part of our mind relaxes, the inner deeper part of our mind becomes open to changing the beliefs and behaviors that cause our distress.  When the mind is detached and free of fear, as it is in a hypnotic trance, it’s like  shining a spotlight on the misconceptions that distort our self-belief and fuel our anxiety. Under these conditions, the inner mind can gain perspective, can imagine and visualize changes, can rehearse solutions, and can be empowered again. And in that rehearsal, the sufferer can regain their natural confidence.

This post focuses on the level of anxiety that we cannot easily dispel with our usual coping mechanisms. When anxiety begins to interfere with our ability to manage our life and relationships, to build our career or to achieve our goals, it can be the cutoff line between normal and problematic anxiety. When it becomes a problem, a form of behavior paralysis takes over. We cannot think, perform or achieve to the level we know we are capable of.

This anxiety comes with a level of fear that something negative might happen to us. It’s like a coping mechanism that takes itself too seriously. In everyday life, we worry that we’ll perform badly or we may look stupid when we meet up with friends. It comes with a feeling of thinking and behavior paralysis.  It’s usually accompanied by uncomfortable body sensations.  It can remain with us when we try to relax and can follow us into our sleep.

It  can happen at work when sufferers feel unable to speak up in meetings or to a group, are unable to ask for a raise or a promotion, to express a dissenting view or to be overly sensitive about criticism or comments about one’s work.

It can appear in our closest most intimate relationships or in the way we  use our body to take the edge off the stress, as when we smoke, drink or eat to comfort and soothe ourselves.

It can be reinforced by stubborn recurring negative thinking, irrational misconceptions about ourselves, all of which predict the worst and consequently lead us to avoid taking steps to make good things happen to us.

Hypnotherapy draws its many techniques from a wide range of approaches used in all areas of psychology, energy healing, visualizations and uses both traditional approaches and new cutting edge results from neuroscience to help the inner mind find clarity, regain control over its perspective and change old stuck ways of thinking and behaving. 

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