Research shows a 300% improvement in quality of life for dementia sufferers after a course of hypnotherapy. The study was conducted in the UK by Duff and Nightingale and was published in Alzheimer’s Care Today in 2013.

There is no cure

Dementia is an umbrella term for about 100 different types of neurocognitive disorders. Of these, 60% are diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s Disease and a further 20% as having Vascular Dementia. The incidence increases with age. By the age of 65, 1 in 10 people are likely to get it. To this day, there is no cure. The greatest difficulty for sufferers is to find an acceptable quality of life as they go through this deterioration that can last up to 7 long years.

You forget what happened in your life

It is an emotionally stressful and painful experience to realize that you cannot remember things that you should. Patients begin by losing their short-term memory and then by progressively losing memories of major life events such as children, spouses, and all the memories accumulated throughout a lifetime.

Can you imagine no longer recognizing people who tell you they are your children? Forgetting how to do the most basic things like eating and dressing yourself, for example forgetting whether underwear goes on top or underneath clothes? Being unable to find the words to explain your distress or your needs, even forgetting where the bathroom is that you went to a few hours before?

Patients suffer from chronic anxiety, depression and fear of what they’ll forget next.

Hypnotherapy is one of the really good stories in this dismal disease

Fortunately, hypnotherapy for dementia is one of the positive stories to help patients live a better quality of life as they go through this difficult journey.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy is backed up by solid scientific research. The study was conducted in the UK to evaluate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy at improving the quality of life of sufferers. After a course of hypnotherapy, the quality of life of patients receiving hypnosis in the study improved my 300%, based on the 7 most important criteria of quality of life.

Trained nurses evaluated the patients before and after therapy, and then 12 months after the last hypnotherapy session. The results were unchanged 12 months after the end of hypnotherapy, proving its impact is long lasting.

The criteria measured were:
4.Immediate memory

5.Memory for significant life events
6.Activities of Daily Life

Ellen is a Dementia Therapy Specialist

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